How to Polish Stainless Steel

From décor accent features to service areas in the home, stainless steel is an appealing option for DIY enthusiasts. Congratulations on choosing stainless steel. We know you’re concerned about whether you can achieve that super-polished mirror finish as professionals do. We’re here to tell you that you can.

What you’ll learn now will stand you in good stead for buffing away scratches and blemishes that may appear over time, so add this knowledge to your DIY skill set.

Stainless Steel Machine Polishing

For your larger sections, you would do well to opt for machine polishing, using something like a buffer wheel. As a DIY expert, you’re no stranger to machine work, and it’s going to be really easy to look efficient and achieve that shine that fools everyone into believing you had the pros in on your job.

It could be that you were even proficient enough to do your own cut and colour buffing, but whether you did or didn’t, that necessary process will have left residue that you need to polish off for maximum shine.

You will need a polishing wheel or buffing pad and a quality stainless steel polish. Be diligent in your work by going over your piece for five to ten minutes. Make sure any polish that has been left over is hand-wiped away.

Regardless of your preferred finish, there should be no streaking or blemishes visible after you’re done. Don’t settle for anything less than perfection because when it comes to stainless steel, you can achieve awesome results.

Stainless Steel Hand Polishing

Even in the event that you used power tools to buff your larger stainless steel piece, getting down to it with your own two hands with hand polishing will take your work to the next level. Your smaller pieces usually require hand polishing, of course.

As long as you use a quality steel polish, your approach should be the same modus as waxing your car or surfboard. Start at one end, and using a firm circular motion, work your way across the surface.

Put on some music to keep you on point because the more you repeat your process, the better your finish will be. Your final pass should be with a really clean towel.

Capture the gleam in a selfie and add it to your DIY portfolio.

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