How Does Powder Coating Work?

What do bicycles, aluminium doors and kitchen cabinets all have in common? There’s a very good chance that they have all been subjected to the magic of powder coating. How does powder coating work, and what makes it such a versatile skin?

What is Powder Coating?

We have all experienced the frustration of running paint on a piece of furniture or a wall as we try in vain to achieve a smooth finish. This is one of many issues that, thankfully, powder coating does not suffer from.

Powder coating does not need a liquid carrier, rather it is made up of a cocktail of pigments, levelling agents, flow modifiers and other essential ingredients and takes the form of a fine powder. This powder is applied to a surface such as a metal substrate by means of electrostatic spray deposition. The specialised spray gun charges the powder particles which allows them to stick to the grounded part being coated, and the whole piece is then heat cured.

The heat acts on the ingredients in the coating, essentially melting them in place and allowing for a smooth, hard finish.

Why Choose Powder Coating?

Powder coating is used in so many applications because of its durability and versatility. The high-quality finish achieved is incredibly hard wearing – more so than conventional liquid paint, and is resistant to moisture, weather conditions and chemicals.

  • Aluminium doors and windows can be powder coated for aesthetic reasons, as well as granting the metal a hardwearing finish.
  • Metals used in residential homes and commercial buildings are coated to protect from rust, chipping and scratching.
  • Medium Density Fibre board (MDF) is powder coated in an endless array of colours for use in kitchens, bathrooms and offices.
  • Products requiring a coating resistant to fading and abrasion such as cars and bicycles benefit from powder coating.

It’s clear that this environmentally-friendly colouring and protection has become an essential ingredient in the longevity and beauty of common products. If your product requires powder coating, or if you simply need advice from the experts, then give Steelmor a call today.