Stainless Steel: The Future Of Green Construction

Stainless steel is a green product, but what does this actually mean? Stainless steel has many attributes that make it an eco-friendly, or green, choice, and which explain why it’s a preferred material for green construction around the world. This amazing product is 100% recyclable, and all new stainless steel is made using upwards of 60% recycled material – without losing any of its strength or properties. Even if it’s not recycled and somehow ends up in a landfill, because it isn’t coated with any toxic materials, it doesn’t produce toxic run off, so has no detrimental effect on the soil or groundwater.

Companies specialising in green construction take many factors into account when selecting the most suitable materials for their project, and stainless steel’s recyclability is what helps put it at the top of the list. The product is so recyclable because the different elements which go into making this amazing metal – such as iron, nickel and chromium – can all be separated out and re-used. This means stainless steel isn’t so much used as sustained.

But green construction isn’t just about using materials that can themselves be considered green, it’s also about choosing products that have environmentally conscious manufacturing processes too. Because stainless steel has such a high recycled content, this helps reduce the carbon emissions and the energy consumed during its manufacture. This in turn reduces the overall carbon footprint of the manufacturing business.

Other key environmental benefits of stainless steel are:

  • High corrosion resistance means it doesn’t have to be cleaned as often – the Chrysler building, for example, has been cleaned twice in the last 20 years. This means there’s reduced run off from detergents and other specialised cleaning products.
  • Recycling of stainless steel is commercially driven and therefore self-sustaining.
  • Environmental damage and pollution from mining is reduced because many of the alloying elements in stainless steel can be re-cycled and reused.

There really is no better material for green construction than stainless steel, and there is also no better stainless steel supplier than Steelmor. One of our expert consultants will happily sit with you to discuss your requirements and recommend the products best suited to your needs, or you can take a look at our extensive product range.