Get It Right First Time, Outsource Fabrication To The Experts

You know the satisfaction you feel when you have the right tool for the job, or the exact part that slips effortlessly into place and works seamlessly ever after. It’s either that or a titanic struggle to create the part yourself with home tools and inadequate parameters. There comes a time in any self-respecting DIY’s life, when outsourcing metal fabrications and having that bespoke tool custom-made for the job will keep the hair on your head and stress down to a minimum.

Yesteryear’s blacksmiths are today’s metal fabricators

Back in the day, there was never any shame heading for the local Blacksmith to fashion parts for a broken plough, or to shape a piece of metal needed for a specific purpose. Today it makes perfect sense to head to steel working companies who have the ways, means and expertise on hand to transform your idea into reality.

Outsource fabrication to a reliable company

Not just any backyard garage outfit has what it takes. Outsourcing to experienced manufacturers, with a proven track record for delivery, is vital. More than likely you’ll find something similar has been requested before, after all one can’t be decades in the industry and not regularly come across repeat requests.

Steelmor has reliably implemented internal processes, conform to regulatory coded applications and state of the art technology to produce well-executed fabrication outsourced to us.

Whatever your steel needs are, we can help. Our skilled team are experienced in all forms of metal fabrication including die cutting, hydroforming, roll forming, spinning, shrinking, stretching, stamping and finishing.

If you need more information on fabrications, we’d love to talk to you. Chat to one of our friendly team today. Call +27 (0) 11 434 2140