Fascinating Facts About Stainless Steel Clothing

When you think of stainless steel, your first thought is going to be along the lines of construction, fabrications, even kitchen appliances and utensils.

But have you heard about stainless steel clothing? Probably not.

While you probably use stainless steel every day, there are certain places you don’t expect to find it. The clothing industry is one of those places. This is how unique stainless steel is, and how versatile it can be in any application or industry.

Weave and Wear

If you google “stainless steel clothing”, your top hits are going to be clothes racks and metal hangers. It is not a common industry to find our versatile metal, but it is there.

Stainless steel can be woven into a thin wire without losing strength or toughness. It can then be made into a mesh that is so fine it can be worn.

Safety Clothing

The most common place to find stainless steel in clothing is in the safety industry. You can buy cut resistant stainless-steel gloves to help protect your hands if you are in an environment where you are cutting, carving, or peeling such as kitchen work or mechanics and construction.

Stainless-steel protective vests are also available. This type of vest is used in industries such as meat processing plants, glass or wood processing, laboratory containment and security work to name a few.

Electrical and Textile

Stainless steel clothing has thermal and radiation-resistant qualities and is often used in the electrical and textile industries for these reasons. In the tech industry, touchscreen gloves are often made from stainless steel so they can simulate the electrical current of a finger.

In short, steel applications are many, varied, and growing.

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