Cutting Steel to Size

Both industries and DIY enthusiasts with small-scale projects can fairly easily get away with cutting their own stainless steel using a circular saw or cut off saw, but when steel cutting requires that larger pieces are cut neatly and with precision, that’s when it’s time to enlist the services of our Steelmor experts.

These three main methods of steel cutting deliver quality and consistently reliable results if your steel project is larger than life.

Main Steel Cutting Methods

Laser steel cutting – This is an accurate, stable and reliable method of cutting stainless steel which results in a smooth and blemish-free cut that is ready to weld without the need for any further machining. It is not a very fast process and the speed of the cutting is limited by the speed of the chemical reaction between Iron and Oxygen.

Laser cutting creates a very narrow kerf width and a small heat zone, which means it is ideal for cutting intricate shapes, precise contours and accurate small holes. The edge quality is usually very good with extremely small serrations and lag lines, very square edges and little to no dross.

Plasma steel cutting – This automated method of cutting is very economical and has time-saving benefits too. Due to it being a computerised system, you can simply email prints of your designs and cut specifications to Steelmor and we will make sure to cut the material to your exact description.

Created by a plasma torch, a plasma cutter uses an electrical arc to cut through fairly thick pieces of stainless steel without too much difficulty. Inert gas focused from the nozzle to the cutting surface forms the electrical arc. The gas is essentially turned into a plasma beam that is able to make accurate and very precise cuts.

Waterjet steel cutting – For jobs that demand very close tolerances with almost no machining, waterjet cutting is the way to go. With waterjet cutting, there is no heat distortion which makes it a preferred method of steel cutting when a material has a sensitivity to high temperatures. Waterjet cutting’s accuracy can exceed that of laser cutting, giving a smoother edge and is also less limited when it comes to cutting thicker material.

While this cutting method is more costly than plasma cutting, the reduction in the need for machining saves both time and labour, which is effectively a cost-saving benefit in the grand scheme of things.

Steelmor is the leading supplier and manufacturer of stainless steel in South Africa and uses these and other methods to cut stainless steel to size and shape. When size matters, give us a call to find out how we can help you with your stainless steel cutting requirements.