Cleaning Stainless Steel Products is Simple

Yes, we love the shine and longevity of stainless steel. What we have all found though, is that it’s not always as stainless as we’d like to think. Thankfully, cleaning stainless steel is an easy task and one which requires no harsh chemicals or hours of weekend time.

Take a look at your stainless steel appliances; your fridge, oven, kettle or dishwasher. Do they have a collection of little fingerprints (very likely if you’re a parent!), water stains or perhaps they’re just looking a little dull? Are the stainless steel cabinet doors in your restaurant kitchen in need of some TLC?

The chromium which makes up an essential part of the final stainless steel product is your best friend when it comes to keeping your appliances looking shiny and new. Its corrosion-resistant properties and hardness provide the perfect surface for a quick and easy cleaning solution.

Cleaning Stainless Steel

If you’re pondering the best option for getting (and keeping) your stainless steel appliances clean smudge-free, the great news is that you can chuck out those high-priced and caustic cleaning products. Chances are, you have the ideal cleaning products in your home right now.

Here are a few options:

Vinegar and Oil

Yes, these may both be food groups, but they make a killer cleaning team. The vinegar (white spirit vinegar works best) quickly cuts through grease and grime and disinfects as it goes. A soft damp cloth will get rid of any residue and can be followed with a few drops of oil which give a great finish and serves as an added layer of protection. Be sure to follow the grain of the steel for the best effects.

Furniture Polish

Wiping down your stainless steel with a soft cloth and some furniture polish gets rid of the muck and also leaves a slightly oily residue (which is a good thing.)


Is there anything that WD-40 cannot do? A quick spray and a wipe will leave a shiny and clean surface behind. Although, you need to be aware that this is a petroleum-based product so shouldn’t be used in where there will be any food handling.

Your stainless steel surfaces were built to last, so maintaining them with gentle cleaning products instead of harsh chemicals is definitely the way to go.

Now you know!