Careers in Metal Work: What Can You Do?

If you are thinking of going into a career in metalwork, then you should look into some career information on the different options in the industry.

Whether you are good at working with your hands and more practical-minded, or if you are more interested in the technical side of the industry and operating of CNC machinery this industry has an option for you

The Machining Trades

If you are more interested in the technical and machining trade rather than the physical metalwork, you can look into careers that involve CNC (Computer numerically controlled) machines. These careers can be programmers, operators or set up hands. Other options include tool and die makers, mould, pattern or model makers. These careers will require tertiary qualifications.

The Fabricating and Erecting Trades

These jobs job involve a more physical and hand on commitment to the metalwork industry, and most of them require on the job training or apprenticeships.

  • A career in welding, cutting, soldering or brazing involves cutting, joining and repairing work. They span industries from automotive manufacturing to construction and engineering. 
  • Metal and plastic machine workers. This requires the operation of machinery that form and cut metal and plastic. You will need to be able to understand blueprints on designs, be able to set up machinery and cut to specifications. 
  • Boilermaker. For this career, you will need to be able to weld as well as work various machinery to assemble and repair boilers and containers holding gases and liquids.
  • Assemblers and Fabricators. Here you will work with a number of different materials, as well as be able to read blueprints on putting products together. You will need to be able to oversee projects as well as do quality control checks.
  • Sheet metal workers. In this job, you will use metal sheeting to build and install various products from heating ducts to parts for medical equipment. You will work with both machinery and hand tools to cut metal to size as well as oversee installations and repairs.

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