Bevelling Steel | Prepping Steel For Welding |

Bevelling steel is a process often used when prepping metals for welding. By cutting an angled slope on the edge of the piece of metal, you will create a seam that offers much more strength and integrity than a welded seam done on straight edges.

Benefits Of Bevelling

One of the greatest benefits of bevelling steel is that it has more durability when used for heavy-duty equipment in industries such as mining, agriculture and construction, but that does not mean bevelling can only be used on a large scale – anything that is welded can be bevelled and this means it is a process with limitless possibilities. 

Another huge benefit is that it helps the metals to retain their corrosion-resistant features, which is particularly important when working with metals like stainless steel which is often used specifically because it seldom corrodes. 

Ways To Bevel 

There are several different ways to go about bevelling steel. The most common methods are hand grinding, flame cutting and machining. The type you use will often be dependent on the project you are doing, and the manufacturer’s requirements which should always include the degree of angle needed, the length of the bevel and the speed that is required. 

The Bottom Line

If your company does a lot of steel-work and welding and does not bevel as a regular practice, you may find out that you are losing customers to companies that do. Bevelling steel can give you a better quality product, and investing in the right equipment may save your company money. Your products will be stronger and more durable, as well as neat and less prone to rust when done correctly.

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