The Benefits of Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting is a fascinating process to observe. An accelerated jet of super-heated plasma can slice through solid metal within seconds, leaving behind a smooth and perfectly finished edge.

As you can imagine, using this efficient and accurate process in manufacturing equals fast, high-quality finishes of intricate products.

What is plasma?

Plasma is, very simply put, the fourth state of matter. That is, once matter has changed from solid to liquid to gas, the next state is plasma. Applying heat to a gas allows it to enter this state, becoming ionized and electrically conductive. A plasma cutter makes use of this matter to transfer energy from a power supply to a metal (or other conductive material).

Optimum results are achieved through the use of a variety of gases, such as oxygen, high purity air, nitrogen, or a mix of hydrogen, argon and nitrogen.

Stainless steel brass, copper and aluminium, as well as other conductive metals, can all be processed using plasma cutting.

The benefits of plasma cutting

Plasma cutting tends to be the jack-of-all-trades in its industry. Most metals, both thick and thin, can be cut using this process; from 1mm thick right up to 150mm, depending on the device used. Curved or angular pieces have always posed a challenge in the past, but plasma cutting makes short work of these, as well as painted or rusted metals.

As opposed to oxyfuel techniques, plasma cutting is quieter and at least twice as fast. The speed is matched by the accuracy of this process which means increased productivity and a superior finish.

In addition, for jobs that require attention to the heat effect of the working area, plasma cutting can be done under water. And of course, this is perfect for cutting high-strength construction steel with lower heat input.

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