Automotive 3D Printing: What’s New?

As one of the world’s largest industries, automakers are always looking for ways to improve performance. With the highest spending industry when it comes to R&D, you can expect some amazing results.

One such investment has been automotive 3D metal printing. Gaining traction in the industry over the last five years, about 30% of companies involved in automotive manufacturing are choosing to use 3D technology to build prototypes.

But why is automotive 3D metal printing becoming such a popular choice?

Benefits of Automotive 3D Printing

In such a fast-paced industry there is a great benefit to speed. Not the 0 – 100 kph speed (although that is end game!) but production speed. 3D printing offers an opportunity to rapidly produce anything from scale models through to final customization of vehicle design.

With more than 16% of all additive manufacturing (AM) or 3D printing production done in the automotive field in 2015, it is a rapidly growing trend. And no wonder, as it is making a strong case for itself in an ever-competitive industry.

Weight Reduction

3D printing is able to produce parts using various lightweight polymers and metals available in the industry. This means that some of the most critical components can be reduced in weight, automatically improving the final and overall vehicle performance.

Improved Repair and Maintenance

Another possibility created by automotive 3D metal printing is the possibility of combining various parts into one single part. While this again reduces weight, the main benefit of this is seen in repairs and maintenance. This will offer a simple solution to reduce cost as well as production and maintenance in the future by replacing a single instead of multiple parts.

Design Freedom

Because of the manufacturing process of AM, it offers a large amount of design freedom but at the same time a high level of integrity and optimization of key components. Offering greater space for creativity while maintaining strength and safety means design teams are getting behind this technology fast.

Automotive 3D Metal Printing

With the recent advances in automotive 3D metal printing, the industry stands to be able to offer newer, stronger, safer, and more cost-effective production all around. One of those would be worth investing in; together they mean that the future is here.

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