3 Reasons Why Custom Sheet Metal May Be Right for You

We generally think that a custom product is going to come in at a higher price than a standard product, and for the most part that remains true. A standard product can be mass-produced at a lower cost than a custom piece, by a large factory that does that one thing. 

However, when it comes to custom sheet metal there are a few more factors that we need to consider before we can say definitively that it is going to be more expensive. 

Custom Sheet Metal Benefits

Product Lifespan

A product, in this case, custom sheet metal, can be designed and created to your exact specifications. Stock metal sheets are made to a general standard which is fine for general products but may not be 100% right for you.

By way of example, if your product requires an alloy which will be exposed to a specific chemical compound, then it would make sense to make use of custom sheet metal in its production which has been designed to withstand these conditions.

This makes for a longer-lasting product and cost savings down the line.


Stock metal sheets come in stock sizes. However, if your fabrication process is such that the standard sheets won’t fit without additional cutting, then you’re adding on another link in the fabrication chain which equals more time and more money.

Is it cheaper to order custom sheet metal or to change the fabrication process or machines?

Machinery and parts

Your needs may include an alloy which is softer, thinner or thicker than a standard sheet because of the machinery required during fabrication and processing. 

Will the standard sheets damage or cause excessive wear on your machinery? Will you have to purchase additional parts in order to counter this expense?

If you have a product design with a specific, non-standard requirement, please feel free to talk to the team at Steelmor. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will be thrilled to offer advice and solutions.