3 Reasons to Choose Laser Cutting on Sheet Metal

Smart people know that if you don’t have time to do it right the first time, when will you have the time to fix it? This is just one reason that we make use of the advanced tech behind laser cutting. 

Laser cutting, especially on sheet metal, is one of the best ways to get a product processed in the most cost-effective way. Why is that, and what other benefits does laser cutting offer?

The key benefits of laser cutting


High powered CO2 lasers driven by CNC software are the preferred choice for slicing through steel sheets. In fact, for projects working with incredibly tight tolerances and which require unparalleled accuracy, laser cutting is your best bet. 

CNC controls have certainly taken the weight off the shoulders those tasked with hand cutting these sheets, especially when the component is highly detailed. Therefore, these two pieces of tech go hand in hand to create fast, accurate cuts.


While the machinery itself is far from cheap, it’s worth every penny to a high-production fabricator. The speed and efficiency gained from laser cutting machinery, coupled with the reduced cost of labour are a real win. 

Secondary processes are seldom required after a laser cutter has done its job; there is no burring from mechanical cuts as the heat of the laser will melt the metal as opposed to physically cutting it. The result is a smooth and clean finish which allows the component to simply run through to the next process. 


Given a straight edge on a sheet of metal, a laser cutter can travel significantly faster than a hand-held device. With intricate cutouts and sharp angles, the speed is reduced but more than made up for with precision. 

Thicker metals are no match for the laser as it just requires a little more time to perform its task, although in these cases there may be some dross remaining depending on the thickness of the metal.


Do you require the accuracy and speed of a laser cutting system for your next project? Give our team a call and let us assist you with all your metal fabrication needs.